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Параметры модели:

бюст/Грудь:97 см
рост:1,79 m
бёдра:93 см
талия:75 см

Модель носит размер M

Размеры предоставлены командой SONYAMONINA

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The jacket was created by using the sculptural method of cutting from genuine leather. It consists of several different geometric details mixed together and forming a new deconstructive form.

The jacket is made with two shades of black color, as if mutually penetrating and complementing each other. It fastens with a double-sided zipper. Due to this, it has the ability to transform the shape and volume. The deconstructive form, the adjacent silhouette, the complex cut, the asymmetry and transformability of the form make this creation unique, conceptual, and at the same time ready-to-wear art object. During usees it acquires an individual vintage effect. Because of heat-shielding effect it keeps warm and lets air to pass through. It lets the body breathe and create comfort. As well it is a multifunctional piece of wardrobe. It fits well with different types of style.

Item: VL10-F21W
Colour: black
Composition: genuine leather and wool
How to keep: dry clean, dry clean



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