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Jacket Skin

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бюст/Грудь:97 см
рост:1,79 m
бёдра:93 см
талия:75 см

Модель носит размер M

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Jacket ‘Skin’ Skin is an armor given by nature.  An amazing organ created by millions of years of evolution, which we usually doesn’t value. The ‘Skin’ jacket shows the conceptual idea of ​​armor created by nature.

The skin is permeable and impermeable. It is superficial and deep. She is true and deceiving. It is elastic, but a piece torn off from the whole skin is significantly narrowed. Skin is a creature of the surface. The surface is internal with respect to the body as a whole and consisting of two layers, one is protective, this is the most extreme layer, the other under the previous layer, able to collect information and filter exchanges. The ‘Skin’ jacket was created by using the sculptural designer’s method of cutting from genuine leather. Consists of several skin tones mixed in color chaos. It is clasped on a double fastener zipper and because of it ready to change the form and volume. It has non-trivially located pockets: under the sleeve and on the sleeve.

The deconstructive form, the adjacent silhouette, the complex cut, the asymmetry and transformability of the form make this creation unique, conceptual, and at the same time ready-to-wear art object. During using the jacket gets an individual vintage effect. Because of its heat-shielding properties it retain warm well and let air to pass through. It lets body to breathe and creates comfort. As well it is multifunctional piece of wardrobe. It goes well with different types of style.


Code: VL1-F21W
Color: sand
Contains: genuine leather
How to keep: dry clean



L, M, S, XL, XXL

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