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Order a Look

«Order a Look»

You can order an individual development of your stylish image with a set of clothes and its subsequent production in the desired size, or by individual measures.


How we work with you:

  1. You send us a request «Order a Look»
  2. We contact you for details, objectives and goals (wishes).
  3. We’re billing you. You’re paying for our work.
  4. We’re getting to work: studying you, conducting an interactive with you, find suitable stylish image for you.
  5. We’re showing you our work, changing you and make you better.
  6. As the result you get a “Book” with instructions and pictures.

Content “book” includes:

– Analysis and characteristics of your image;

– Your color map with the use of color correction (there is a scientific theory that proves the influence of colors on the quality of human life and its correction by the influence of color and color combinations);

– Examples of shapes and styles;

– Recommendations for shoes and accessories;

– And finally, “Your Look” in three versions with explanations and recommendations.

  1. You also get the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot.

Your photo shoot can be gift or promotional depending on the terms of the promotion.

  1. Becoming our client you automatically become a member of the “Club WolfSM”.


The privileges of membership in the Club WolfSM include:

– flexible system of discounts;

– promotions and gifts;

– participation in forums and drawings;

– online consultation;

– live interactive communication.

If you want to Buy or Order your Look, use the shopping Cart or fill out the application form.

Welcome to our Club WolfSM!

We will be glad to see you among our customers!

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